"Not only are there no happy endings", she told him, "there aren’t even any endings."
acrylic ink on rag, 7.5”x11”
[title from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods]
Q: How much do you mean by pay?

Well, that was kind of a joke (unless you need someone to illustrate a book of the world’s infantry), but if there’s something you’d like drawn, and I’m interested, I could draw it and send you a hi-res dig. version (fer free, that is)

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Q: Hi! Awesome work, I love your drawings :)

Hey, thanks. Always nice to hear kind words!

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“Confusion and artI am nothing but heart”
acrylic ink on rag, 11”x7.5”
[title from Low’s Nothing But Heart]
Supermarine Spitfire, ballpoint on Moleskine